About Us: 

Thymecare Ltd has been successfully  providing homecare for eight years becoming Thymecare Ltd in 2005.

Ingrid  Jolly is our care manager 

Shaun is our  qualified care supervisor and qualified trainer. 

Lucy is the office administrator.

Carly Durrant is our trainee manager.

We have a team of experienced and dedicated care workers, some full time and some part time.

Elaine Noble and Ingrid Jolly are the directors of Thymecare Ltd  with a combined experience of 45 years in care.They maintain an active involvement in the care provided to all service users.

At Thymecare Ltd we work as a team and strive for excellence, that is why we are constantly updating procedures and improving the delivery and provision of our care services. 

Prior to commencement of any care package, one of our senior staff will contact you and arrange a  visit at your home, to discuss and arrange a suitable package of care that suits your needs, What you want and when you want it.
 Making sure that the care we are going to give is the care you want.

You or a representative of your choice (family member or friend)will be asked, once the care package has been formulated, to sign a contract of care provision.
Following this, a detailed care plan will be provided to you. This is reviewed or changed at any time when your care needs change.